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Health Coach
My name is Monica Winston and I want to share with you all the integrative medicine techniques that I have been practicing with totally positive results. In this web site you will find valuable information about natural healing with energy and also how to unblock energy obstructions. Reiki is Universal Live Energy that improves our lives emotionally, spiritually and physically. We can all practice Reiki and therefore improve our health and the health of others. Another alternative medicine Method is Reflexology that works from the manipulation of the reflected points found in hands, feet and ears. This modality works both at physical and emotional levels with excellent results. Another method we will present is Biomagnetism, which is the Effect of Magnetic fields in the biological systems. This method helps us to cure diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and also tumor like phenomena. This and much more in this page that was created with the intention to transmit knowledge for the wellbeing of everyone.
About the site

Monica Winston
Certified Health Coach 
LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)
Medical, Cancer and Mastectomy Massage. Lymphatic Massage. Thai-Yoga Massage
Certified Reflexologist
Certified Essentials of Nutrition and
Diet Therapy
Reiki Master and Biomagnetic Therapist
MA 52029
MM 24254
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